Geen + Byrne Working Through Covid-19! 

These are challenging times to say the least but Geen + Byrne is still here working. We're doing our part trying to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus by working from home and the majority of our meetings are taking place over the phone or online. But people still need to buy and sell homes, and we are here to help them do that. RE/MAX and the Real Estate Council of BC have given us guidelines to help keep us and our clients safe. All sellers, buyers, Realtors, Inspectors and other persons involved in a transaction are required to complete a Health Questionnaire (see below) prior to visiting a home. We will also, of course, use social distancing, gloves, sanitizers and hand-washing and masks if requested to further lessen any risk. We are using virtual tours and videos to replace in-person meetings where possible. Thankfully, Geen + Byrne was already doing exceptional digital marketing for all of our listings long before COVID-19 arrived. Together, adapting to these strict social distancing guidelines we’ve been placed under, we can help contain the spread of COVID-19. 


COVID-19 Health Questionnaire