Yesterday, the Government of Canada released a number of tools and resources on the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program page.

Here’s a list of the items you can expect to find:
An Eligibility Calculator to test and evaluate different financial scenarios and view their impact on mortgage payments.
A Product Highlight Sheet (PDF) including a summary of key program details in a format that is easy to download, print and share.
A Journey Map breaking down the application process step by step.
An Application Process diagram (PDF) showing the interactions between all of the parties involved. (Available on desktop only).
In addition, live training sessions will be available to ensure homebuyers and industry professionals alike have access to the latest tools and information pertaining to the Incentive. Three separate sessions will cover Qualification, Application Submission and Funding, plus a live Q&A period. Click here to view the full training schedule and to register for a session.