The wait is finally over—paving has started! We thank you for your patience and understanding over the last few months. 

After watermains are installed, and before we can fully re-pave the road, the new watermains have to undergo and pass several tests. As the new watermains start to pass testing, roads requiring re-surfacing are being put into the paving que. 

Paving will continue until the end of November or sooner, depending on the weather. During the winter months, work will shift to areas off the roads until paving can start up again in the spring.

Some watermains being installed for this project are up to 2.5 feet wide, as shown in the picture.

These pipes, located underground alongside major roads, transfer your water from pump stations to reservoirs, where water is stored before being distributed to customers. Learn more about the project.

We understand—construction can be frustrating when it interrupts your routine. That's why we're moving as fast as possible while also making sure we meet high quality standards.

By doing it right, when all is said and done, Southeast Kelowna will have a clean, reliable and sustainable water system.